Columbia College Chicago

I’m on the 5th floor of the Columbia College Chicago‘s library watching VHS tapes of a Chicago country music television show that was broadcast on public television in the 1990s. You probably wouldn’t believe how many folks I spoke with to get access to a VCR, but I’m SUPER excited about this little TV show. And I’m reallyreally impressed with this school so far! But I’m taking a break to share a couple of pictures from my morning…

On the way here, I got to traverse a big chunk of Michigan Avenue and saw this passing by the window of a musical instrument store:


Of course, I had to stop (Dr. S would be SO proud).

Unfortunately, the shop was closed, but I have every intention of coming back (since I have to come back to CCC to finish viewing the TV shows). Fortunately, the entrance to the store was the lobby/atrium of the Chicago Architecture Foundation, which is currently housing Chicago Model City!

Scale 1″=50′

Magnificent Mile

Chicago Apparel Mart

Rock Island Tracks


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