YAY! ACK! YAY! My current thoughts in outline form…

I. I am going to Chicago today.

A. I am, of course, super excited to go to Chicago today.

B. I am, of course, slightly bummed to miss out on things happening in GA while I’m gone (a couple of great shows, another night home game on Saturday, church on Sunday, etc., etc.).

C. In getting ready to go to Chicago, I am feeling like a crazy person. I am, of course, putting off packing for as long as possible, and I still have a list of items to deal with before leaving town. So obviously, I went shopping last night to try and address the crazy. New blue shoes seem to help a little.

II. My list of work/researchy-y things to do in Chicago has the potential to be pretty fierce.

A. So many folks have been nice and cooperative in advance of this trip that I’m overwhelmed with thankfulness, and hopeful that everyone will do what they’ve said they would do!

a. This means my research is actually happening.

b. It’s possible that I will return home with up to approx. one-third more data than I currently have.

i. This is amazing. And exciting. And terrifying a bit scary.

ii. I should probably be transcribing right now instead of blogging. Or packing.

B. Thankfully the to-do list includes the following item: attend a party.

a. I hope you recognize my commitment to my research 🙂


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