Today’s post-Sunday post will be short (and really sweet, of course). There’s a lot to get accomplished in the next twenty-four hours or so before I head to Chicago, but I can’t let yesterday go by without mentioning the awesome folks on our tech team. If all positions are filled, this team is now made up of eight people on a given Sunday. We have two camera guys, a lights guy (this week: Helper Elf), two computer folks (College Computer Girl and the inimitable Computer Papabear), two sound guys (Tall Sound Guy and Sanctuary Sound Guy), and me. And this week, we needed all hands on deck, since we had about fifty things going on. I’m exaggerating, but it was a lot of stuff for one Sunday morning (baptism, special offering, different camera shots, and a few guests on stage, plus a ton of microphones, etc., etc., etc.!!).

And it went great. Going into the morning, I was thinking it had the potential to be a disaster at about eight different points. But it never was (though it was a bit stressful at different moments). I’ve mentioned we often talk on the headset through various parts of the service, and at one point yesterday, we were all chatting and joking on the headset (we’re all really quite funny) and Sanctuary Sound Guy said, “If today was my first Sunday, I’d quit.” We all laughed, and of course, I tweeted it. But it reminded me of how much we ask of our team on a regular basis; and that’s what is so great about this team: they’re all volunteers; they all serve with great attitudes; and they do it with excellence. Sundays absolutely wouldn’t happen without them. So here’s to The Team! Just forgive us for talking while you’re trying to pay attention.


One thought on “Go TEAM!

  1. I made it to the blog. I have officilly come around. Oh I will sleep very well tonight. Thanks “E” I feel so complete now.

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