A quick post-Thursday post…

This week, my days have gone by way too fast. I’ve been trying really hard to NOT say that I’m busy whenever anyone asks me how I’m doing (seriously, what does that even mean, oh, I’m SO busy…), but this week has felt, well, busy. I’ve been trying to get things lined up for my trip to Chicago next week (which has mostly involved sending emails, leaving voicemails, sending emails, and talking to librarians in Chicago who don’t always and necessarily want to help me out), and getting things ready for the trip (re-scheduling piano lessons, covering my TA bases, and working out some other details).

But last night, we had a cool event at the church. We screened a documentary film called Lost Boys of Paradise about a project happening in Guatemala (the documentary is fantastic–go check it out!). I had been planning to run sound for this event, but along the way, I hadn’t really thought through the details. At one point, I remember thinking that I should probably recruit at least one other person to help out, so as to avoid constant stair-running (the booth is two stories, with the computer and lights upstairs, and sound downstairs), but I didn’t do anything about it. It wasn’t until I got in the booth (thankfully, with plenty of time to spare), that I realized I needed Help. And then, I saw College Computer Girl! I recruited her on the spot, and she (being wonderful and kind) agreed to help.

Just as I was feeling relief about College Computer Girl’s help, I realized that I should probably have someone on lights. And then, I saw Helper Elf! At the time, he was helper-elf-ing with some other Important Task, but I literally whisked him away, and he (also being wonderful and kind) agreed to help. These two folks made my night much easier, but more importantly, they made the entire event run much more smoothly (except for letting  Unidentified Young Male in the booth; we obviously, we need to step up our security in the booth).

Finally, I ended the night by checking in on Lead Guitar, who is working on a recording project with Tall Sound Guy. They were both working very diligently!


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