Even though it was a week that involved the sync-ing song, a video clip, and a not-regular speaker doing the welcome, AND it was a week without Tall Sound Guy, yesterday went (mostly) without a hitch. We were not without our moments, however. Usually the band(s) are walking on stage at around 1:00, but in the first service today, the band in our room was late coming on, and the last person was getting settled as the timer approached 0:00. In the second service, two of the six folks were on stage at the one minute mark, and three others wandered out when we were down to about 40 seconds. As the timer was getting down to ten seconds, I was yelling asking anyone in listening distance where the last person was. With two seconds to go, Little Drummer Boy bounded onto the stage and in about two steps was in the drum cage trying to get settled. Have I mentioned this makes me slightly nervous?

Lead Guitar was out this week, so Asian Intern Apprentice was playing lead. We opened our worship set with the song “Our God.” The intro of this song has a fairly distinctive lead part, even more recognizable since the song has been pretty popular since it first appeared on the 2010 Passion album Awakening. Asian Apprentice was playing this intro, when there was a not-part-of-the-song noise followed by mostly silence with a bit of piano and maybe some acoustic guitar. The absence of the lead part was obvious. I looked up, speaking (again) to anyone within hearing distance, and said, “What just happened?!?” And then I saw that AA’s electric guitar had come unplugged. By the time he scrambled to find the cable and get plugged back in, it was nearly time for the vocal to begin. Our Female Worship Leader did, in fact, start the song, but it wasn’t exactly a clean start. The opening lyrics are “Water You turned into wine / Opened the eyes of the blind,” but I think I heard something like “…water… wine.” At which point, I laughed out loud (once again, apologies to those sitting/standing near me). Thankfully, the rest of the song went exactly as planned, and in the second service, AA decided to stay plugged in for the whole set!


2 thoughts on “Unplugged

  1. I love the names you come up with. Would be nice if the ones of us were ever included what our names would be. 🙂

    Just kidding.
    Love ya

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