Eleventh Hour

Yesterday proved to be a bit of a crazy day, as it seems that I spent most of the morning running around, seemingly doing laps over our property. Thankfully, Tall Sound Guy was back in the booth, and despite some awkward moments in the first service, all went well. 

Perhaps I should have been prepared for a wild morning, because some of the craziness began before Sunday. Worship Pastor was sickly and sounded like a toad (said with truth AND compassion, fyi) for much of the week, so we called in New Worship Leader on Friday. Then Sanctuary Worship Leader texted me late Saturday night to say we still needed a percussion player for that room. Even though he wasn’t scheduled and it was his family’s last day at the church (I’m still in denial), we called Utility Instrumentalist at the literal eleventh hour, and he stepped up, as he always has, and filled a needed role. Have I mentioned I’m gonna miss that guy?!? Here he is for one last #boothtweet with Helper Elf:

I refuse to believe Utility Instrumentalist is leaving.

And now for one more picture. It is absolutely NOT uncommon for folks on our team to wear similar clothing (and for me to take photos of the phenomenon), but yesterday’s occurrence most certainly required documentation. Apparently, Worship Pastor is training the Worship Team Interns Apprentices in fashion, and is now requiring them to dress like him! And it seems that they’re taking this discipleship and training to heart 🙂

Love these guys!


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