School work

Approximately one month has passed since I posted in earnest about my school work and the whole working-on-a-PhD thing, so here’s my school update. It’s a new school year, and very little has changed for me. I have the same assistantship, and I still have to write a dissertation.

I have made a minuscule dent in the Mountain of Tedium: nearly all of the photos and documents have been catalogued, and I’ve transcribed two complete interviews. I realize this is two more interviews than were completed previously, yet sixteen interviews remain (with hopefully two or three more yet-to-be conducted interviews to add). This task is still daunting.

In addition, Advisor and I are no longer maintaining a long-distance relationship. We are again living in the same area code and seeing one another (face-to-face) on a very regular basis. These meetings are stressful helpful, and not surprisingly, they always result in new tasks for me to tackle.

Remember the Conference Extravaganza from last academic year? How I went to seemingly every conference ever? Well, now it starts all over again. With the presentations I did last year, I now have no new work to propose for upcoming conferences. This shouldn’t be a huge problem (cf. all of the research I’ve done in the past year), and since one of those deadlines this week, I’m attempting to forge a sexy, innovative, intelligent, convincing proposal for a conference in Charleston, SC. Easy peasy, right?


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