Guitar Slide Wednesday: Richard Buckner Version

I’m still recovering from a (slightly impromptu) trip to Alabama to see family this past week/end, and feeling maybe a lot teensy bit unprepared for the impending weekly meeting with Advisor, and hoping that some music-type folks actually return my emails/phone calls/cries for help, so I can have something to report to her.

But that’s not why we’re here tonight. Richard Buckner’s Devotion & Doubt is one of my favorite albums. As it was rainy and dreary for my drive back to Georgia, this album seemed like a good choice. My favorite song on the album has varied, but “Lil Wallet Picture made it on to my repeat list a long time ago. My favorite part about this song is the pedal steel. There are moments in the song where it’s exactly what I think a pedal steel ought to sound like.

As the previously linked review of the song notes, the upbeat moments of the accompaniment (particularly the fiddle, acoustic guitar, and a little mando in the second verse) belie the depressing tone and narrative of the lyrics. My favorite moment in the song is after the second chorus. The pedal steel fades out, and Buckner plays a great lead lick on the acoustic guitar (3:20), and it seems like the song is nearly over. But just as the acoustic part is finishing up, the pedal steel slides back in and plays a sort of structural role (3:29), seemingly rousing the acoustic with a rowdy couple of measures. The acoustic follows, picking up with rhythm again, and leads into one final lively chorus. 


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