Guitar Slide Wednesday: Lead Guitar Version

Most of the guitar players on our team at the church are aware of my interest and love of guitar slides. They usually humor me and throw in a slide here or there, or at least smile and nod and say they will play a slide sometime. However, I’m pretty sure Lead Guitar likes guitar slide as much as I do, evidenced by his contributions to Guitar Slide Wednesday. I’ve featured one of his guitar slides on the blog before, but he took it to a new level on Sunday night when our band played the song “Not Ashamed.” The song originally appears on the most recent Passion album White Flag (2012), and is performed by Kristian Stanfill (you may remember him from “Attractive Worship Leader Friday“). This recording of the song features a couple of slides, but when our band played the song, Lead Guitar played an epic pick slide right at the start. It’s pretty sweet…


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