Often, I find it’s easier to do things myself than to (go to the trouble and) ask someone for assistance. Beyond the asking, said person may require explanation, training, or instruction. Further, if one is inclined to be a perfectionist (I might be), and/or have strong opinions about how Things Ought To Be (I sometimes do), then getting others involved also adds the risk of Thing NOT Being Done the Way They Ought To Be (gasp). But sometimes, regardless of these concerns, the workload or time commitment or situation necessarily demands Help.

And that’s where we are on Sundays (and in our ministry area) at the church. Although Worship Pastor has noted that the two of us can certainly get a lot done, it’s become clear that in order for us to improve what we do, we need help. And on my side of things, help arrived yesterday in the booth in the form of an intern apprentice, and I relinquished control of the sound board to Tall Sound Guy.*

He’s tall

This allowed me to give most of my attention to tracking both of our rooms; keeping up with what’s supposed to happen and when; and also (sort of) keeping tabs on the bigger picture and overall quality of what we do. Yet, even with this newfound freedom, we weren’t immune to Things Gone Awry. We had baptisms in both services, and in the second service, we went from the baptism via video from the Sanctuary to a welcome via video by College Pastor from our room. The switch was made smoothly, except when we pulled up the live video of College Pastor, it was only College Pastor from the shoulders down… much like the above picture. Except that photo was taken as a joke, you know, to try to be funny. But it was just awkward when Headless College Pastor was on the screens for a couple of seconds. So yeah, here’s to help and some room for improvement 🙂

*The soundboard is at an optimal height for me. Maybe not so much for Tall Sound Guy.


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