Guitar Slide Wednesday: Liberty Mutual Commercial Version

Today’s guitar slide comes to you from a commercial that was played during the Olympics. The commercial is for Liberty Mutual Insurance and features an ’80s song by Human League called “Human.” The ad campaign is called “Humans” and shows a variety of mishaps (obviously resulting in a need for insurance). When I first saw (and heard) the commercial, I immediately recognized the song, but I never noticed it had a slide!

The slide happens in the introduction of the song around 0:21, and again leading into the chorus at 1:19; in the commercial, they cut to the chase, and the slide happens around 0:04, right after the car door gets bashed in (this is the long version of the commercial). There’s another slide in the song leading into the second chorus around 1:55, and again after the spoken bridge (!) at 2:54. We won’t mention the troubled relationship dynamics discussed in the narrative of the song, but I hope you enjoy the TOTALLY 80s hair and fashion along with the guitar slides!


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