Hurry Scurry!

This post-Sunday post is going to have to be brief, as I’m staring at the first day of school (for the only the 25th time). Just kidding. This whole “first day of school” doesn’t actually mean much to me, since I’m kind of over that whole “taking classes” thing…

Yesterday saw the return of students to our church campus, and we were back to four services. Thankfully, this semester we’re trying to mostly NOT do the syncing song, and instead let each room take care of the Welcome part of the service separately, and in practice, this made things much, much easier on the whole. However, we decided to have College Pastor do the Welcome live in all four services; he spoke in our room after our first song, then scurried off to the other room to speak after their second song. In theory, he should have had about four and a half minutes to speak in our room and walk over to the other room (which isn’t tons of time, but should have been sufficient). Except that our timing was a bit off, and he had to run to get to the other room and was walking into the room just as the band was finishing their second song.  

Also, Senior Pastor was back this week, and had some photos he wanted to show from his trip. We had the photos in plenty of time, and all was well. He mentioned that he would bring up the photos in the first part of his talk; as the talk progressed, it seemed that he wasn’t going to mention them. Worship Pastor had come back to the booth to check on a camera thing, and College Computer Girl came down (computer & lights folks reside upstairs in the booth) and asked if Senior Pastor was going to get to the photos. Worship Pastor said something to the effect of “Since you’re down here, he’s probably going to mention them right now,” at which point Senior Pastor said, “I’d like you to take a look at some pictures.” So College Computer Girl sprinted up the stairs to put the first photo on the screens.

As you know, running is not uncommon on our property on Sunday mornings. However, I’m always quite thankful when any running that takes place on a Sunday morning is not done by me!


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