Deep Breath

As with many schedules in this college town, the church’s schedule tends to revolve around the University’s calendar. So yesterday was our “deep breath” Sunday–the last Sunday before all of the students come back into town. As mentioned last week, we were in one room yesterday, and overall, it was a nice and easy kind of day, made better by a couple of guitar slides from Lead Guitar. And since we were in one room, Sanctuary Worship Leader was leading/playing guitar in our room, with Worship Pastor playing and only singing the closing song.

However, in the category of Things You’d Never Know Were Wrong (unless you saw the crazy lady in the sound booth freaking out), the end of the second service didn’t quite go as planned. As we were wrapping things up, our Guest Speaker got to his final point, which was the cue for the band to come out to play the closing song. However, there was no sign of the band. I called back to the band room and yelled at spoke to someone, asking “Are y’all coming out?!? WHY AREN’T YOU ON STAGE?!?” to which she replied, “Where’s Worship Pastor?!?” After a quick glance around, I replied, “I have no idea, but y’all need to be on stage NOW!” The team walked on the stage, looking at me for help and/or looking slightly dismayed, and Lead Guitar giving me an I-have-no-idea-where-he-is look/shrug. At this point, Guest Speaker was finishing, and I was basically yelling at Sanctuary Worship Leader (and the rest of the band) through their in-ear monitors.

It went something like this:
To SWL: “You have to start playing!”
As he was approaching the piano: “NO, strum your guitar!”
Realizing Worship Pastor wasn’t showing up: “YOU HAVE TO SING THE SONG!”
And since our closing song almost always serves as our offertory, as he began the introduction, “CALL THE USHERS!!”

To his and the band’s credit, the offering happened, the song was great, and I’m sure no one had any idea that this was NOT the plan. I, on the other hand, was calmly freaking out. College Pastor was in the booth for this service, and throughout the song, I kept looking at him and saying, “Where IS he? What’s going on?!?” but it was as the song was ending that I had the awful, panicked thought that something might be Wrong. And then I felt really, really guilty for freaking out and being so irritated.

Thankfully, Worship Pastor was fine, and was simply confounded by the length of Guest Speaker’s sermon. On our weekly service plan, we allot thirty-five minutes for the sermon, and Senior Pastor never rarely fits within this timeframe. Yesterday, however, Guest Speaker told us he would speak for around thirty minutes, and was true to his word in the first service. Since we’re always a part of two services, it’s not unusual for our team members to move around our campus and/or attend to other tasks during the second service. So yesterday in the second service, Worship Pastor left the building and figured he easily had at least 15-20 minutes before he needed to be back on stage. But Guest Speaker spoke for a mere 25 minutes, and, well, Worship Pastor didn’t make it back in time.

So here’s to Sanctuary Worship Leader for stepping up in a crunch, and doing a fantastic job as well. Along with my apologies to him and the rest of the team for all of the crazy yelling 🙂


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