Did you hear that? It’s Guitar Slide Sunday!

I was looking forward to yesterday because it meant that we were one Sunday closer to this coming Sunday–a day that we will NOT have to sync ANYTHING since we’ll all be in one room. Although we’ve had two rooms only for the 9:30 hour for the majority of the summer, it will still be really nice to not have to think about it for one week, before the craziness of “fall semester” (and all that entails and implies; is it really that time again?!?) comes around.

After a few last-minute scheduling changes on Saturday, my Sunday morning went smoothly. I even had a few minutes to sit and listen to our bands rehearse, think about how great they are, and how much I appreciate them! There was a moment, however, when the countdown was nearing two minutes for the 9:30 service, and our entire Sanctuary team was still in our room. I watched as almost every single person stopped to talk to someone, or someone grabbed them and gave them a hug. I desperately wished they could hear me  yelling, “You CAN’T stop and talk right now! What are you doing?!? GET OUT OF HERE!” They all made it in time, although I believe the last person was walking into the room with seven seconds to go!

A most exciting part of the morning was when the band was running through a song called “I Lift My Hands,” and at a stop in the song, Lead Guitar (not our regular Lead Guitar, but a Frequently Visiting Lead Guitar, you might remember him from some camp photos) played a fantastic slide. So obviously, I recorded it and have posted it here (this has happened once before–remember?). One quick note about the photos in the video. The opening photo is NOT from yesterday, but it’s almost the exact same team that played yesterday (except for Female Worship Leader). The second photo is just funny from camp. It’s Frequently Visiting Lead Guitar’s gear (guitar and pedals), but it’s actually Lead Guitar, the person. Just wanted to clear that up. Now, enjoy this slide!


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