Hey, is there any way you could…

This isn’t exactly a post-Sunday post. I mean it’s nearly Tuesday, and that’s certainly after Sunday, but the post isn’t exactly about what happened on Sunday, it’s more about things leading up to Sunday. And for the record, Sunday was a great day. That is, from my point of view, things worked out really well (except for an ant invasion in the Sanctuary booth – ew. Ew. EW.) with Youth Pastor speaking, a great set from our bands, and nothing too crazy happening.

Part of my job at the church involves scheduling our team each week. With both rooms, this means we need a total of 18 folks (five for tech, six on stage in the Life Building, seven on stage in the Sanctuary). I cannot overstate how much switching to Planning Center Online changed my life in this respect. Scheduling is now a much more manageable task, and I can easily see who’s available, who is not, and if folks have said yes or no for a particular week.

However, over the summer, more often than not, we have found ourselves scrambling to find enough people to fill spots on a Sunday. Summertime is hard on scheduling, what with travel, camps, and vacations, so at times, I’ve called/texted/emailed three or four people to find someone to play or serve.

This past Saturday, a couple of scheduling items came up, and I pulled up Planning Center to double check what was happening. I noticed some unconfirmeds and declines for the day and realized that three of our scheduled people were unable to play. I’ve mentioned that phone calls from me on a Sunday morning mean I most likely need something, and if you’re on our team, texts/emails/phone calls from me on a Saturday afternoon or evening pretty much guarantee that I need something. A couple of texts were sent (with a prayer)… and thankfully, we were able to fill two of the three spots without too much mayhem! So this post is for those two guys (Lead Guitar and Piano) who said yes and stepped in on Sunday for our team (and also saved me from a minor anxiety attack in the mean time)!


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