What about tomorrow?

Since I’ve already switched things up around here this week (with the post-Sunday post on Tuesday and a random video on Monday), I was lazy decided to skip Guitar Slide Wednesday because I didn’t have a song in mind anyway. And now, it’s Thursday, and I’m going to do the “school update” post.

The last time we talked about it, I was experiencing Post-Chicago Euphoria and was just thankful. Now, as it’s time for me to Do Something with all of the information acquired in the Windy City, I’ve stepped up the procrastinating game. I (generously) gave myself last week to Not Do Work, because I was in Tennessee for half of the week to hang out with some college pals. This week, since Sunday was Sunday, Monday was busy, and I had plans on Tuesday, I tentatively planned for yesterday to be the day I did some sort of school work. And it didn’t happen.

The best way for domestic duties to be addressed in my house are when I’m supposed to do school work. So naturally, I did laundry, cleaned out my closets, mended clothing, and finally went to the grocery store (I hadn’t been since before I went to Chicago. Yes, that was almost a month ago, and yes, I’ve had a few meals consisting of a random canned vegetable. Judge away.).

But getting back to school work (or not), I have a great deal of tedious work ahead of me. All of the documents I scanned and/or photographed in Chicago need to be looked at and “catalogued” (or maybe “spreadsheet-ed” for lack of a better term). I took a few notes on them initially, but I need to at least put all this information in one place. This is approximately 200 documents. And all of my interviews need to be listened to and transcribed. Again, I’ve taken notes of most of these, but none have been fully transcribed. This is maybe 15-18 hours of talking.

I’m not making this up. See, here’s a fun (and funny) Bloodshot postcard proof from around the mid-90s…

So yeah, I think I should probably get going with that… maybe tomorrow? 🙂


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