Last week, my shoe broke (so of course, as suggested to me by a friend, I just HAD to buy some new shoes this week), but this week at the church, we were not immune to the Things Breaking Bug. In the Sanctuary (aka the Other Room), one chunk of our stage lights has been unreliable, refusing to stay on and only turning back on when the the breaker is flipped. On Sunday morning, these lights were behaving like a toddler, finding it ever amusing to continually turn off after I (and/or Papa) ran to the breaker to turn them on (and no, I do not attribute agency to these lights, it’s just a metaphor…).

Also, we use in-ear monitors, and most folks on our team have their own nice headphones (or “ears”) to use every week, but we also have an extra pair around just in case (plus mine, which I don’t use all of the time). Since we had a few lot of new folks playing this week, all of the extras were in use, and when one of our Female Worship Leaders realized her ears were messed up, I found a pair of not-so-nice-but-better-than-iPod-earbuds for her to use. As she was messing with them, she pulled one of the earbuds OFF, rendering them mostly useless. Thankfully, I was able to find her yet another pair of not-so-nice-but-better-than-iPod-earbuds for her to use, and even more thankfully, she didn’t tear those apart!

Finally, Worship Pastor was running sound this week, which left me free to lounge around, eat, and take photos in the booth worry mostly about production stuff and syncing and what not. Although it was a little odd not worrying about sound, this might be the wave of the future, if things work out the way we think… which probably means more #boothtweets. In any event, let’s hope the Things Breaking trend has officially ended!


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