Devil Town

It’s Monday, and normally this would be the post-Sunday post. But I’m lacking the wherewithal to compose that post right now, and I’m pretty sure any attempt to write that post would result in incoherent prose. So instead, here’s a nice song for a Monday!

I’ve had Friday Night Lights on my mind (you love this show too, right? Of course, you do. I know, silly question) mostly because I’ve been on a Taylor Kitsch Tim Riggins movie kick (Texas forever), thanks to his recent unsuccessful/moderately successful films showing up at the cheap movies. Also, ESPN Classic is currently showing a couple of episodes every weekend. I’ve DVR’d a few of them, and recently watched what I think is one of my most favorite episodes ever – “State,” the finale of season one. The episode ends with the song “Devil Town” playing over the Panthers’ post-state championship parade. Again, the well-informed internets told me that this version is by Tony Lucca (recently of the The Voice fame), and not the (perhaps) slightly better-known version by Bright Eyes. I love it. Enjoy!


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