Guitar Slide Wednesday: Decemberists version

Thanks to Amazon MP3 and their silly $5 albums and their $2.99 deals, I’ve added a significant amount of music to my library in the past couple of days. I buy a lot of music (most of the time, it’s Research, uh, yeah), and the website’s Indie Music Deals page has had me poking around indie music and maybe buying an album or ten two. A lot of these albums are bands I’ve always known about, used to listen to, or maybe wasn’t cool enough to get into back in the day.

Anyway, along the way, I ran into The Decemberists, whose album The King Is Dead was on my radar last year, but somehow I never bought it. I also have (legitimately) been researching Neko Case (her first three solo albums were on Bloodshot), and ran across The Decemberists again, since they toured with Neko back in 2010 (also of note, Bloodshot artist Justin Townes Earle toured with them last year). I pulled up The King Is Dead on Spotify, and started listening.  I don’t know much about the band, and this is the only album I’ve heard, which according to the well-informed internets, is their most accessible/country/pop album. This song stuck out to me, primarily because the pedal steel on it is just too, too good. It comes in at the first chorus right around 0:45, and there’s also a really nice instrumental with harmonica around 2:35.



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