Aaaand… we’re back!

After missing just one week at the church, it was great to be back. I was still on Central Time, so going to bed and waking up really early was, well, really early, but I thought the morning went well. It was great to back in the booth with College Computer Girl, and I really did miss our team last week. I do hate missing Sundays (even though last Sunday was great), and it always seems like it’s more than just one week when I miss. In fact, when I asked Little Drummer Boy if he had missed me, he said that it seemed like I had been gone twenty years or something like that. Gotta love that kid 🙂

We didn’t do a great job of syncing the syncing song, and once again, Senior Pastor was stopped mid-welcome in the Other Room and told to wait until our room was ready… of course, no one in our room had *any* idea that something funny (and maybe a teensy bit awkward) had just happened in the Other Room.

I’ve mentioned here before that I (and others) run around a lot on Sunday morning. And I think I’ve mentioned that I usually always wear heels. Yesterday morning, as I was making one of many treks across our campus, I noticed something strange about my shoe. I looked down… and it had broken. I was certainly still wearable, and kind of walk-able, but to me, six-inch wedge, broken, and shoe all sort of add up to a (possible) broken ankle in my book, so I went barefoot for a while. Thankfully a friend (a dear friend’s husband, also part of our tech team) was on the way to church and able to stop by my house to pick up a pair of fully functioning heels for me, and all was well.

I had planned to post a photo of the sad, broken (hopefully fix-able) shoe, but it appears I left them in the booth. In any event, we can all rest easy knowing that half of a pair of really cute wedges are managing things in the booth right now, and maybe I’ll update later with a pic.


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