Rogers Park, Research, and Lake Michigan

I’m in Chicago having fun. Yes, it’s a research trip. And I’m having fun. Hopefully this fun will be enough to sustain the parts in the future that might not be so much fun.

Today, I met with a guy who’s been associated with Bloodshot since the beginning. He now lives in Rogers Park, which is located on the north end of the city, and also happens to be right on Lake Michigan. We met at a great little spot called the Heartland Cafe (a little hippie/granola-y veg-friendly restaurant and store) and talked for about an hour. After that, I walked over to the beach, stopping by the Growling Rabbit (a cafe and bakery) along the way, and hung out on the pier for a little while (and ate the yummy vegan oatmeal cream pie procured from the bakery). It was a perfect day.

I hopped on the train to head back to my temporary Chicago home, but the directions my phone gave me (iPhone – research instrument extraordinaire, seriously) took me right into the Loop. And then I walked out on to State Street to transfer trains and was staring at a DSW, so OBVIOUSLY I had to go in. And maybe a few other places… I didn’t buy anything because each item I considered buying just reminded me of how I was barely able to fit my belongings into my luggage to get here, and how any additional items could be problematic on the return flight home (though I’m not sure that reasoning will serve me, should the issue arise again).

Tonight, I’m heading to Schuba’s to see new Bloodshot artist Cory Branan. I’ve never heard his stuff, but I’ve been meaning to go to Schuba’s and this seemed like a good excuse.

See? Research = Fun. Just remind me of that in a few months.


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