I have a billion things to be thankful for in general, and specifically today, not the least of which is that I’m hanging out in a lovely loft in a hip Chicago neighborhood on a Monday afternoon, listening to indie pop, and blogging. So the shout-outs are as follows: loft/Chicago = College Pastor for introducing me to Fabulous Chicago Actor and Amazingly Talented Husband, and to the both of them for being generally awesome and generous and letting me stay here; indie pop = Youth Pastor introduced me to Songza this weekend and now I’m listening to a playlist called “Sunshine Indie Pop.”

But it’s the post-Sunday post, and in this spirit of gratitude, I’d like to dedicate this post to Worship Pastor. However, before I get to that, yesterday in our first service, we had, um, technical difficulties, which resulted in Senior Pastor being heard and not seen at one point, and then Senior Pastor being seen and not heard at another. It was all really awkward, and during the latter, at least 150 folks were turned around looking at me. Usually in moments like that, I hide under the sound board (yes, literally), but yesterday I stood there and looked back at them. And maybe I laughed, because, well, it was really awkward.

But back to Worship Pastor. The tagline I have given him over the years is “There’s no one like him,” and I regularly tell him this, because, well, it’s true. If you know him, you know that you don’t really know anyone else quite like him. He has an incredibly wide knowledge and experience base, and is well-versed (and excels) in music, sport, design, audio, video, building and construction, and fixing things in general. We emphasize prayer and having a good attitude in our ministry, and he models those two things with great consistency.

And even though I thought he hated me the first year we worked together, am certain he only heard about 60% of the things I said to him in the first two or three years we worked together (I’ve since learned the advanced skill of communicating with him 🙂 ), and he can drive me crazy sometimes (as I can do to him, I’m sure), I’m glad to know and work with him. He loves Jesus and helps me love Jesus more.

So here are two unprofoundly profound photos of him. The first is (one of many, many photos that I have of) him on a lift installing something or running cables during one of many major renovation/installation projects, while the second was taken during the service yesterday, after we talked about the Awkward Moment from earlier in the service and some of our sound issues. So here’s to Worship Pastor–thanks for all you do, top to bottom, ceiling to floor, and everything in between!


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