Happy Friday Music Fun: ATHFEST!

I mentioned this on facebook, but I have two pals who are pretty keen on the cities in which they live (Fabulous Chicago Actor and the Coolest Gal I Know, who now resides in the city of the Lexington, Kentucky). They both make EXCELLENT cases for their respective cities and I do not disagree; y’all know how much I have fallen for Chicago and of course, Lexington is mythic in my memory, mind, and heart (AND it’s becoming so hip now, I’m not sure I’d recognize it anymore).

But on the weekend of Athfest, let me just put up a cheer for Athens, GA. As home to the University of Georgia, it’s been named one of the best college towns; and its legendary music scene has earned it special hipster status, not to mention any number of top party school rankings. After an amazing dinner with friends (and tons of free sushi sent our way), and as I was checking out a friend’s band last night, surrounded by friends, acquaintances, and hipsters galore, I was reminded again of what a fantastic place Athens really is.

I had to miss Athfest last year because I was in Chicago, so I’m even more excited to check out some fantastic bands this weekend… well, let’s be honest, probably just tonight, because I still have a ton of stuff to do before leaving for Chicago on Sunday. In any event, here’s a video of the Star Room Boys to get you really excited about Athens music. They were (and remain) one of my all-time favorite bands, and going to see their shows when I first moved to Athens are some of my fondest, funnest memories. Even though they’re broken up, thankfully, you can still catch Dave Marr doing SRB songs when he plays (like tonight)…

Happy Friday, y’all!


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