Face to face

For only the third or fourth time in the past year, I found myself sitting across the table from Advisor last night. She’s in town to take care of few things at her house before she and her family move back, and so we met for dinner.

It was a lovely time of chatting and catching up. I heard a lot about her (many) projects (books, edited collection, what have you), all the things she’s been up to, and her (numerous) plans for this upcoming year. Impressive, incredibly interesting, and more than enough to remind me that I’m an academic slacker right now (and/or might call me to question my commitment to academia, but I suppose that’s a post for another day).

Of course, since I haven’t seen or talked to her in a while, I had a few things to report, was reminded of all the Other Things I need to do before I leave town this weekend, and tried not to panic. All the while, the tone of this meeting was nice and relaxed and congenial. And even though this nice tone actually made me a little anxious (guilt much?), the only reference to the Work ahead of me was a brief discussion of getting For Serious about the Dissertation come Fall; including things like the dissertation being my job, establishing a writing schedule, and transcribing all these interviews….

But for now, it’s summertime, I’m going to Chicago this weekend, and I have lots to do!


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