Guitar Slide Wednesday: Whiskeytown Version

I buy a lot of music. And sometimes, it takes a while to get around to listening to it. However, two recently released albums required immediate listening: (the ever dreamy) Rhett Miller’s The Dreamer and Kelly Hogan’s I Like to Keep Myself in Pain. While listening to the former, the pedal steel work on the album as a whole, but specifically on the song “Long Long Long,” reminded me of Whiskeytown. So then I listened to all of Faithless Street (1995) and felt a little old and nostalgic, and also remembered what a freaking great band they were. And then I listened to all of Strangers Almanac (1997), and well, you get the picture.

I have mentioned Ryan Adams around here before, but never Whiskeytown. The Raleigh, NC band has legendary status in lore, despite, or maybe due to its (relatively brief) five-ish year existence (three full-length albums and one EP). Although I’ve seen Ryan Adams live many times and Caitlin Cary a couple of times, I still hate it that I somehow never saw them live, er, back in the day.

I love the ALL of the guitar work and tones on the song “Everything I Do” (not to be confused with Bryan Adams’ song “Everything I Do I Do It for You”), and it even has a few lovely slides. Unfortunately, the video is nowhere to be found on the magical internets, and/or has been completely removed. Here it is on Spotify: Whiskeytown – Everything I Do (you really should check it out, or heck, go buy the whole album). Great, great song, and there’s a perfect subtle slide at the beginning of each chorus (and a few other places), but the best one, I think, is at the beginning of the second chorus (around 2:05).

But for the purpose of the post today (and for those Spotify-averse), here’s another fine Whiskeytown song. “Tennessee Square” features pedal steel and is a pretty good representative of Whiskeytown’s sound in general.


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