Tired times…

It’s been a busy few weeks for me, and I’m looking forward to a relatively uneventful week. After a week in Nashville, Camp at the Beach, VBS, and playing two weddings this weekend, I was not at all ready for the very early alarm yesterday morning. I’m not a morning person anyway, but yesterday I was tired and pretty much grumpy.

In spite of my less than sunny disposition to start out the day, I thought things went well. We were back to two rooms for our 9:30 services, and both rooms had new looks.

One room underwent change because of a wedding, while the other room got switched up (post-VBS) for the summer.

With the return of two rooms, we had the return of the sync-ing song and the importance of our timers. In our room as our countdown was nearing 0:00, I saw a person making a beeline to Worship Pastor, and I knew Worship Pastor would stop to talk to this person. And he did. So as the other room was starting their song, I was watching the seconds tick by and trying not to freak out (I did). Of course, it turned out fine, but for a few long and awkward seconds of waiting in the Other Room.

Finally, we have some tall folks on our team, and yesterday they all happened to be on stage together (the same side of the stage, even). I take a lot of photos, but yesterday someone else suggested this photo op:

Tall Bass Player suggested a version of the picture with the tall people and only part of my head, but I like this version better:

In the interest of full disclosure, I took off my 4-inch heels for this photo and Worship Pastor is clearly standing on his tiptoes. They other two are just, well, tall.


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