Guitar Slide Wednesday: Lincoln Brewster Version

On the way to youth camp, Lead Guitar played quite a bit of Lincoln Brewster, who (to use my favorite Grand Master of Discourse-ism) is not afraid to play a guitar slide. So, we’ll say that yet again, today’s Guitar Slide Wednesday comes to you from Lead Guitar.

If you listen to pretty much any song by Lincoln Brewster, the chances are quite high that you’ll hear at least one guitar slide. In fact, you’ll likely hear at least four. Lincoln Brewster is a singer, guitarist, song writer, and worship leader, and might be most famous for playing guitar for and touring with Journey’s Steve Perry. He’s currently the worship pastor at Bayside Church in California, but I know him as a guy’s whose music we did ALL the time at my church several years ago (mostly from All to You Live from 2005).

My favorite song that we used to do has always been “Majestic” – not only for his ad libs that became a Part of the Song for me, but also for having one of the first vocal octave jumps that I noticed and loved (in the bridge, “I will worship” is low; “We will worship” is high). And while I’d like to use that song for today, in a shocking turn of events, it only has one really good guitar slide of note, which pales in comparison to our featured song!

Instead, we have a newer song called “I Belong to You” from Real Life (2010). As we have found in other posts, guitar slides often serve as structural markers in a song (beginnings/ends of sections, transitions, etc.). It seems that this is mostly the way that Lincoln use them, as this song opens with a slide, and the first two choruses are marked by a slide (0:43 and 1:34). He also seems to use slides in the middle of repeated sections–in this case, after the first time through the bridge, a slide leads into the repeat of the bridge (2:47 – followed by a crazy guitar fill). There are a few more guitar slides in this song, but I won’t point them all out, I’ll just let you enjoy them!

And for old time’s sake, here’s Majestic (which opens with a crazy slide):


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