They grow up so fast…

Tuesdays are usually my academic update, but I’m switching this up today, too. And just so you know, I have made teensy bits of progress here and there, so I’m not just blowing off the post because I have nothing to report. I don’t blame or judge you for thinking that. Really, I don’t.

I’m posting this instead because I’ve been meaning to post this photo for a couple of weeks now, and just haven’t gotten around to it… so here it is!

Back in 2009 at youth camp, I met Bass Guitar/Youth Worship Leader (in this instance, I didn’t know him as the former, as he was serving as the latter; I was playing keys). He was young, and funny, and talented, and made me laugh a lot (he still is all those things and still does), and we were friends. I even wrote him a limerick.

He also met Little Drummer Boy at that camp (I think). They became friends. They have both grown up and changed quite a bit over the years (and have both become even more fantastic musicians than they were way back then), so here’s a nice little collage of them looking very, very young, and then not quite as young.

Going clockwise, the first photo is from that camp in May 2009; the second is at a rehearsal in March 2010; the third is from a time our worship team played at the Morton Theatre in October 2010; and the last is a photo I took on a Sunday for a booth tweet in October 2011. Aren’t they precious? 🙂


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