The story of camp

Today, the post-camp post shall fill the spot of the post-Sunday post. Perhaps tomorrow, we can squeeze in the post-Sunday post and/or a VBS post…

The second year of Camp at the Beach was a success! Lead Guitar turned Production Guy transformed a Conference Room called Palladium B into a rockin’ meeting and worship space. We got the stage, audio, and video all set up, without too much trauma (except acquiring a stupid ten-foot ladder), and also included this fun game of raising truss, lowering it, moving it, and raising it again, and then starting all over again (and again…) in order to get the projector just right.

The week was great; the speaker was great; worship was amazing (led by none other than Bass Guitar/Youth Worship Leader with an awesome, awesome band), and the beach was beautiful. And it didn’t hurt that we were five minutes from a Tanger Outlet Mall, and I managed to sneak away to do a bit of shopping (a pair of shoes and a dress, if you’re keeping track).

The theme of camp was “The Story of God, the Story of Us,” and each morning session began with a movie clip of a Great Story… and each day the band dressed up accordingly to play the opening song. They were Star Wars/Trek folks, Bible story characters, and Willy Wonka & Oompa Loompas. This was hilarious, and I’m pretty sure there’s really no way to communicate the hilarity via blog. Nevertheless, these photos are pretty funny.

What wasn’t quite so great was our trip home. Although in retrospect (and even in the middle of it), we all acknowledged things could have been much, MUCH worse, and were grateful for the way things turned out. The band and tech team (plus a couple other folks) were in two vehicles: Lead Guitar’s Expedition and a truck (I’m pretty sure Truck Driver would want it pointed out that the truck is a Chevy) pulling a U-Haul trailer.

The truck broke down on I-20. The boys figured out what was wrong. Youth Pastor & Co. were able to bring a new alternator to us. The boys changed the alternator on the side of the road.

The truck started.

Then it stopped. And we were sad and got rained on a bit. Then Youth Pastor had to get the truck and trailer towed, taken somewhere, and repaired, while we hit the road heading home. The truck got fixed, and Youth Pastor and Truck Driver were able to drive it home.

So, we all made it back safe and sound (some of us later than others; and even though a piece of our screen frame is mysteriously missing), and were part of a pretty decent story in the meantime.


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