Since I missed Guitar Slide Wednesday yesterday, here’s a re-post of a great one…

the way I see it...

A couple of weeks ago, I basically used the blog to request that Lead Guitar play a guitar slide on Sunday at church. And guess what?!? He did, and of course, it was awesome. And I happened to record it.

So the audio pretty much sucks on this little clip, but you can hear the slide pretty well around 0:10.* For some reason, I can’t get my phone to recognize the clip as a ringtone, so I thought I would at least share it with y’all. Happy Friday!

By the way, I fully expect this to be the most viewed post on my blog. Ever.

*I’m generally not a fan of crappy audio, nor would I want to publicize crappy audio especially associated with our fabulous worship team. However, it’s only 20 seconds and I am convinced that this guitar slide redeems the crappy audio in this case.

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