Just another Sunday morning run…

Before I say anything about yesterday, let’s pause for a moment and acknowledge that Worship Pastor is on vacation and was sorely missed in our services.

OK, moving on.

So yesterday, we were in one room for two services. It was nice not having to sync two rooms, as I noted last week. However, in the second service, we had a baptism… except our baptizing accessories are located not in the room in which we were having services. But because of our video setup, it was going to be really easy: we’d show the baptism via video from the other room; Newly-graduated Helper Elf was going to cue College Pastor (the Baptizer in this instance) when we were finished with the opening song; and then we’d continue the service in our room.

We had the other room set up and ready to go, so in-between services Lead Guitar and I went over to make sure the camera was ready and that College Pastor had a mic–activities that should have taken less than five minutes (we had over twelve minutes on the timer). Except the mic wasn’t there. No problem, I sprinted back to the other building to get a mic that we could use. Eight minutes and counting, this mic needed to be synced to work in that room. Lead Guitar got it working, and gave it to College Pastor with under two minutes to spare. Lead Guitar and I both RAN back to the other room with 0:37 on the countdown.

We finished the opening song, and went to the live video. Except that College Pastor’s mic worked for like two seconds then disappeared. He was talking, but we couldn’t hear a thing (he uses his arms a lot when he speaks, so we knew he was actually speaking). I had Newly-graduated Helper Elf run a handheld mic up to him, and we were finally able to hear what he was saying.

Despite the fact that the mic was working when Lead Guitar and I ran out of the room, and despite the fact that we ended up putting College Pastor in the somewhat precarious situation of holding a handheld microphone whilst standing in a pool of water, the important part was that the baptism took place. And College Pastor wasn’t electrocuted. All in all, I’ll call that a successful day.


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