Stupid is as stupid does…

Sometimes I’m stupid and I just can’t help it. This is a stock sentence that is in my self-talk dialogue. I don’t use it very often, because most of the time, I’m not really stupid, well, at least I don’t think I’m stupid very often. But sometimes I am stupid (I suppose a more accurate statement would be that sometimes I make stupid decisions, but you know, this is me talking to me inside of my head, and I know what I mean, uh, I guess).

Last week I spoke with Advisor for the first time in over a month. We had a lovely conversation, and she was extremely helpful (thankfully, she did not heap guilt upon me). I got off the phone with her having a few very clear goals related to my academic work, along with needing to prepare for that one last conference.

So you’d think this would have been a very productive week. But you’d be wrong.

Here’s where the stupid comes in. I am a sucker for any sort of game that involves disappearing matching items (you may recall that I had a brief relationship with Bejeweled, and recently I may have re-installed Bejeweled on my phone). But then I decided that I needed to get Tetris. For a few days, things were fine, but then I found “Galaxy,” a multi-level, ranked version of the game that was completely enchanting. And obviously I was determined to get five stars on every level because three stars is clearly insufficient…

Which is how I played Tetris for nearly two hours in the late hours of last night.

See? Stupid. But after realizing what had happened, and being slightly horrified with myself, I deleted both Bejeweled (again) and Tetris from my phone. See? Not stupid.


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