Guitar Slide Wednesday: Maroon 5 via The Voice Version

Yes, you read that correctly. Maroon 5. It’s not that I have anything against the band, it’s just that mainstream pop/rock bands of the early 2000s were never on my radar. As such, today’s Guitar Slide Wednesday comes to you straight from one such band, and is a song I heard for the very first time on Monday’s episode of The Voice.*

My gracious and awesome Chicago hosts got me completely hooked on season 1 of The Voice, so when the new season started, I had to watch. This past Monday, each of the finalists performed one of their coach’s songs. Tony Lucca performed “Harder to Breathe” (2002), a song originally recorded by Maroon 5, for Adam Levine, the lead singer of this band.

Tony’s performance of the song was the first time I’d every heard it, but I most certainly heard a few guitar slides! So here it is for you today, as performed by Maroon 5. You get to see the first slide happen around 0:55 at the end of the catchy line of the chorus, and in case you missed it the first time, that catchy line is repeated along with the slide. There’s also a nice slide that leads into the guitar solo at 1:45.

Enjoy young Adam Levine 🙂

*I don’t think there was ever a question that Jermaine Paul would win this season.


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