Something to do…

It’s the end of the semester, and while that means very little to me in my current academic state, somehow last week and this week have been pretty full. Granted, I threw a party on Saturday (if only to give me something to do, since I haven’t been working very diligently on anything academic), but even outside of that, the calendar doesn’t have a lot of empty space on it right now.

Nevertheless, I shall accomplish one item on my to-do list today–purchase a flight to Chicago! Hooray! That’s the exciting news. The un-exciting news is that as I think about a trip to Chicago, well, I have a LOT of work to do if I intend for it to be a productive research trip. In even less exciting news, it’s becoming apparent to me that it might make the most sense to write the chapter I don’t really want to write first.

Let me be clear, I am fully aware that, in this context, “exciting,” “un-exciting,” and “less exciting” are extremely relative. As the Grand Master of Discourse has been known to say regarding academic work, “It’s better than digging ditches.” Indeed, it is. And I need to get on it (school work, not digging ditches).


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