Crossing the line?

I have described various times when I am certain that I am a distraction to those sitting around or near the booth. However, I feel like most of these times are either extenuating circumstances or (mostly) the exception.

Yesterday, I had a moment where I realized that perhaps I was taking this liberty a step too far (and no, I do not consider cutting in the bathroom line “too far”). It was in the middle of the second service, and I remembered I needed to print some paperwork for a couple of folks on our team. I planned to find the form online and then print it from my laptop.

Every Sunday my laptop sits in a fairly conspicuous location (you can barely see the top of someone’s head on the other side of the wall in this photo):

It’s connected to play the pre/post-service music, but we also use it to record the sermon each week. Since it was recording, I couldn’t disconnect it, so I walked over to the laptop and opened a browser window and started searching for the form I needed. I happened to look to my left and saw at least eight people watching me and my laptop screen intently.

So obviously, I looked away and pretended like I didn’t see them. And closed the browser and awkwardly ducked behind the wall.


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