RUN redux!

Today’s post-Sunday post could be about a variety of incidents from yesterday, including how I forgot to mute the sounds coming from the Other Room in one of the services and how we could hear a disembodied voice singing random lines of the song we were singing at different points early in the song. Or it could be about how someone bumped the camera just as Senior Pastor was getting up to speak and our perfectly framed shot became, um, not so perfect.

But instead, today’s post is yet another sprinting story, since I feel obligated to discuss any Sunday morning sprinting, especially when I am not the sprinter in question. We had several baptisms in our services yesterday, and as the second service was beginning, we were missing a wireless microphone for the baptizer (in this case College Pastor)… and we were also missing a baptizee (I just made up that word).  The microphone was located, but as the service began, there was still no baptizee. It was as the song was ending that I was told the baptizee was sprinting down the side aisle of the sanctuary. Thankfully, she made it in plenty of time to be dunked!

Yet again, I’m just glad it wasn’t me.


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