Guitar Slide Wednesday: Buddy Holly version

I buy music… lots and lots of music. And frequently. And with verve.

This includes (but is not limited to) print music and recorded music both in digital form and on CD. Go ahead and start judging me because I am not a collector of vinyl. I know, I know.

The bulk of the music I purchase these days is digital. Places like iTunes and Amazon just make it SO easy to purchase, and I frequently take them up on it. But one of the problems with digital downloads is that once downloaded, albums and songs often get lost in the quagmire that is my iTunes library…. until I remember, sometimes weeks or months later, that I actually own that albums/song/artist, and then go back and listen to it.

Today, I accidentally ran into an album I purchased sometime last year called Rave On Buddy Holly. This album is a compilation and tribute album featuring a wide range of artists performing Buddy Holly songs. I’m not incredibly versed in Buddy Holly’s work, but I’ve always liked “Peggy Sue Got Married,” even though Holly’s version seems a little too upbeat for what I think is a terribly sad song. So here’s yet another time when I prefer a cover to the original. John Doe’s version of the song is pretty depressing, and although neither version has any guitar slides of note, I sure do love the sound of the guitars on these recordings.

I’ll let you decide which version you prefer. Enjoy!


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