End of the semester

As I see many of my student-y type friends struggling with the End of the Semester, this end of the semester isn’t any different for me than the middle of the semester (except for that whole traveling a lot thing). Last semester, I had the impending Prospectus to deal with, so there was definite work to be done. This semester, even though it’s possible that I have More Work to Do than ever before, there’s no clear deadline and certainly no push to get it done immediately (not in a literal sense, at least).

How strange.

After the flurry of work from last week, there’s a little bit to show for it, primarily in email form. I’ve been corresponding with a person who has been heavily involved with the Chicago country music scene for many years, and likely can help me get closer to some of that information I know I need, but (as of last week) had to idea of how to get it. Over email, he’s already been incredibly helpful, and I’m looking forward to talking to him in person. I’m also slightly closer to some other data that I need–and it’s possible that collecting this data won’t be as difficult as I originally thought (at least it won’t only involve hours of scouring microfilm).

So there’s some progress. But I’ve got this feeling that I REALLY NEED TO READ THESE THREE BOOKS THAT HAVE BEEN STARING AT ME FOR THE LAST TWO MONTHS. One is related to methods, and the other two could be really helpful for analysis. It appears we’re in a standoff, and I think they’re mocking me while I sleep. We’ll see who makes the next move.


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