Better than nothin’

I did dissertation work today–BEFORE and AFTER lunch. It wasn’t epic, but it was something. Again, this isn’t very exciting, and this post is probably more for me than for you. Unless you want to be my research assistant….

So here it is:

  • I sent a few emails about follow-up and/or new interviews.
  • I made a list of information that I need for a couple of chapters, but don’t yet have. Nor do I know where to find it. I also sent a couple of emails about trying to actually find said information.
  • I sorted through lots of stupid websites to find information about now defunct bars/music venues.
  • Cursed the time/space continuum for not allowing me to attend a variety of events in Chicago over the next few weeks.
  • After looking at my chapter projections, I decided which chapter I really don’t want to write at all first.

Yes, I know it isn’t much, and even though this post seems like it could come straight from a PhD comic, this is certainly a step beyond the work I didn’t do yesterday. Or the day before. Or the day before that…. you get the picture.

<insert cliche about baby steps or the first steps being the hardest or accountability; or eye rolls because you’re way more with it than I am>


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