Guitar Slide Wednesday: Brad Paisley Version

Today’s Guitar Slide Wednesday surprisingly doesn’t come to us from Lead Guitar, but rather another friendly source: Pennsylvania Music Scholar. You might recall that we had an epic day of college sports AND saw Dwight Yoakam together back in December. She sent me this video and I think it’s a good song for Guitar Slide Wednesday!

Despite the man’s ability to Play the Guitar, Brad Paisley has only been mentioned around here ONCE. Shocking, I know, but today, we’re making up for that with “American Saturday Night.” The video is in a sort of 3D architectural rendering or animation style featuring 2D realistic-looking people and objects. I’m sure there’s plenty of analysis to be done for this video, but instead I’ll just share that I once worked for an architectural animation company. True story.

The song is from Paisley’s seventh album, American Saturday Night (2009). The title track, an upbeat contemporary country tune, references the multicultural nature of a stereotypical American Saturday night. The pedal steel slides around throughout the song, and I like the fill that happens around 0:49. Two particular slides function as sectional markers in the song, with one at 2:19 that kicks off the guitar solo, and another at 3:28 that signals the instrumental outro.



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