Guitar Slide Wednesday: Hilarious and Absurd Version

In a last minute change, today’s Guitar Slide Wednesday come to us, once again, thanks to Lead Guitar. He sent this to me last night and I knew it had to be today’s song. I’ve heard folks joking around and sing some of this song before, but somehow I’ve never seen the video before last night. I don’t want anyone else to go any longer without knowing the song “Jesus Is My Friend” by a band called Sonseed!

It appears that the video originated at this blog, but thanks to the wonders of wikipedia, you can find out more about Sonseed here. As if the song and the band weren’t awesome enough, the lead singer plays the bass and clearly likes bass slides! The first one happens around 1:00 and there’s another at 1:24 or so. However, the best slide by far happens at 1:54 after the following lyrics: He is like a mounty / He always gets his man / And he’ll zap you any way he can –  ZAP! The slide accompanies the “ZAP.” Yes, it’s completely amazing.

So whether this is an oldie to you or you’re just discovering the good news of “Jesus Is My Friend,” enjoy!


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