And He went UP to heaven!

I wasn’t exactly on my “A” game yesterday. That’s never a good thing, but it’s especially unfortunate considering it was Easter and all. I think the Good Friday services kinda did me in, not that that’s a valid excuse… but you know, just sayin’.

In any event, things just weren’t quite as crisp as I would have liked them to be yesterday, but overall nothing terrible happened, unless you count the massive feedback that likely damaged everyone’s hearing. At least we were equal opportunity: it happened in BOTH services. Sigh.

However, I think the cuteness of the video we showed made up for all of that. The video is of two little girls narrating the Easter story over animated children’s drawings. It’s quite precious, and two parts in particular stood out for me–“The soldiers were BAAAAD” (around 1:01) along with “And He went UP to Heaven!” (2:24). I can’t seem to embed the video here, but you can watch the video at the link below:

Happy Day after Easter, y’all!


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