Dissertation work?

Last week, I proclaimed (to the small number of folks that read this blog) that I haven’t been Working on My Dissertation. Since then, I’ve been carbonating water like it’s my job–no, seriously, I bought a Sodastream, and it’s amazing. But that’s probably a different post.

Anyway, over the weekend, I took a very small step.

The two pieces of paper taped (yes, taped, this isn’t a design blog*) on the wall above my desk are pages taken from the prospectus. On the left is the entire section titled “Research Questions” and on the right side is a list of my Chapter Projections. There should be six chapters listed, but you may notice there are only five. For some reason the sixth chapter didn’t make it onto the printout. Perhaps this is the cosmos telling me no one wants to read a chapter called “Conclusion.”

And now, Bloodshot Records has gone and started adding nearly every album on their facebook timeline and history. That’s like a couple weeks worth of research (at least) RIGHT THERE. Now, I can stare at facebook and legitimately call it research.

So really, this isn’t just progress, it’s like I’m ahead. Right?

*And though it might not be a design blog, my walls are NOT painted McDonald’s yellow. It just looks that way in this photo.


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