I’m kind of a big deal…

On Sundays at my church, things mostly happen on a schedule. At least, part of my job is trying to make things happen on a schedule. If you keep up with the post-Sunday posts here on the blog, you know that we start services on a timer–this is primarily to make sure both rooms begin the service at the same time for the sync-ing song, but also to deal with the fact that we used to never start our services On Time.

The timer can make things stressful at times, resulting in Sunday morning sprinting across our campus. But the timer is especially stressful when you need a potty break in between services. Have you ever had to go to the bathroom on a timer? It’s not easy, and it’s even more troublesome when there’s a line. And in between services, there’s ALWAYS a line. And when there’s a line, I sometimes cut.

Yesterday, I had around 5:25 to go to the bathroom. This, of course, should be plenty of time, but bordered on cutting it close. Plus, there was a long line–a line that was into the lobby (or foyer, or narthex, depending on what church you grew up in). I asked the general group, “Are you in line?!?” and they all affirmed, and I then replied, “I’m sorry, I’m cutting…” and a woman said, “Uh, we’re all in line,” to which I replied, “I’m really sorry, I’m cutting,” knowing that I was likely approaching five minutes on the time after the interaction. And then I walked right in front of the group of ladies in line and went to the bathroom.

Thankfully, a couple of them recognized me and smiled, and said, “Go ahead,” or “Yes, go on, hurry!” But to all the ladies that I cut in front of, and especially to the one lady in the bathroom line who thought I was rude and entitled, I’m terribly sorry. It’s not that I’m all that important, it’s just that I was being timed.


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