Happy Friday Music Fun: Phil Wickham Version

Today’s post features the the song we’re opening our Palm Sunday services with this week.* The song is called “In Your City” by Phil Wickham. I don’t know much about Wickham, but I’m a pretty big fan of this song. I love that the bass plays the hook along with the sung ohs (oh’s? o’s? whoas? whoa’s?) at 0:57, and I really like the harmony on the second verse at 1:43. I also like the electric guitar part at the bridge, which begins with a little slide at 2:43.

If you’re part of the 35% of our congregation who arrives promptly, then you’ll hear our band play the entirety of this song. Prompt or tardy on Sunday, you can enjoy Phil’s recorded version of the song now!

Happy Friday, y’all!

*Our church doesn’t exactly observe all of the high and holy days of the liturgical calendar. Much like the general non-churched population, we hit the high points and go all out for Christmas and Easter.


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