How’s School?

You may be aware of this thing I’m doing called “Getting a Ph.D” that requires “Writing a Dissertation.” To accomplish this, based on the information reported here at the blog, I do the following things:

All the while, it’s been a LONG time since I’ve complained about posted something about writing an actual dissertation. Up until this week, I’ve had some good excuses for not working on something related to the dissertation–conferences and what not, and technically, all of the conference-ing is slightly related. However, there are Things and Tasks that I should probably get around to that will contribute to the progress of Getting a Ph.D and Writing a Dissertation. For example:

  • Transcribing, er, at least listening to all of my interviews to date
  • Reading the new sources that I’ve run across recently
  • Thinking Hard about my Chapters
  • Planning the next research trip to Chicago

And well, you get the point. So, I suppose this post is just a public airing of the inevitable guilt I shall begin to feel going forward and henceforth. Just beware when you ask me “Hey, how’s school?” or “So, how’s the dissertation going?”


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