Double take

After weeks of modified post-Sunday posts, today we’re back to stories from the previous day at church!

Yesterday we returned to two rooms and also had a guest speaker with a/v requests… and everything happened as it should. There were a few panicky moments, mostly for me trying to make sure the rooms’ times would line up, but for the most part, all was well. And so, today’s post-Sunday post is dedicated to Bass Guitar, well, yesterday he was actually Acoustic Guitar (and of course, on Wednesdays, he’s Youth Worship Leader!).

In the first service, he had been wearing a red (orange?) hoodie, but when he came back out later, he had taken off the hoodie and was wearing a green t-shirt. I noticed the change, but then I got confused and wasn’t sure if I was remembering another shirt/color correctly. I asked the other folks in the booth on the headset, and Lights Guy confirmed that indeed it was different. So while Bass Acoustic Guitar was playing, I asked him if he had changed clothes (recall that I can talk to folks on stage through their in-ear monitors), which made us both laugh.

At the end of the second service, we were on the headset wrapping things up, getting ready to split the live feed, and finish out the service with a song in both rooms. As I was talking through that, I glanced up to make sure the band in our room was on stage and ready. As I was taking inventory of our folks, I had to look twice. And then I laughed out loud, because this time, Bass Acoustic Guitar was wearing a purple t-shirt. He had gone and changed shirts during the sermon of the second service to be funny, since I had made a comment about it earlier.

I’ve warned you before about sitting near the booth, but nevertheless, my apologies if yesterday’s  outburst was slightly distracting. However, this time it’s Bass Acoustic Guitar’s fault 🙂


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