No place like home…

I’m hijacking the post-Sunday post today, even though there were some exciting moments in the service yesterday. For example, we had some technical difficulties in the service, which resulted in me sprinting, er, clomping up the stairs of the booth quite ungracefully, and some of us may have heckled one of our vocals about singing incorrect words to one song. Instead, however, I’m choosing to recap some of my recent travels.

I just made a whirlwind tour of academic conferences, going to Chicago, Dominican Republic, and Charlotte, NC, in a span of around two weeks. Since I’m so very glad to be home (the hashtag #oldlady comes to mind when I type statements like that), I’m going to give a couple of high points and let some photos do the rest of the work.


  • Winter Chicago is slightly less charming than Summer Chicago.
  • Fabulous Chicago Actor and Amazingly Talented Husband continue to be extremely kind and gracious to me, and if it’s possible, I think they’re even more cool and awesome than before. I’m so thankful to know them!
  • In the midst of music theorists and historical musicologists at this conference, I was reminded of how my project doesn’t always fit in with theirs, or at the least makes me think “one of these things is not like the others.”
  • Getting out to Berwyn isn’t as easy as it sounds when it’s snowing and you’re relying on public transportation. However, I am certain that FitzGerald’s is worth it. I really hope to make it back there to see a show very soon.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

  • In case you were wondering, I’m not a very good speaker of Spanish.
  • Santo Domingo is a lovely city. I hope to return some day, if only for the amazing coffee.
  • I am incredibly grateful for the old, new, and new-ish pals I got to hang out and travel with, especially the grad students from Florida State. They pretty much adopted me into their fold for the conference, and it was great spending time with them!
  • Our hotel was nice and in a perfect location right across from the Parque Colón and on the Calle El Conde, one of the oldest commercial streets in the city.
  • The conference organizers did a great job of planning activities AND down time for us (even though the walking tour didn’t work out so well). One of the highlights was a trip out into the country to visit a small town called Los Llanos. We saw an amazing student band perform and got to experience some local culture.
  • My topic seems less out of the ordinary at an ethnomusicology conference.


  • The Most Important Thing about the trip was easily reuniting with friends, including some of my DR Florida State pals. But I was Very Glad to spend time with the Grand Master of Discourse. It is always good to see her and catch up. I do hate that we live so far apart now.
  • Since I wasn’t presenting at this conference, I was only moderately committed to attending every single panel. I may have skipped the early panel… every day.
  • Musicology WIP TA and I had a great time, even though someone attacked her car with a key at some point during our trip. The boiled peanuts and ice cream helped just a wee bit.
  • Did you know the Nascar Hall of Fame lives in Charlotte? It is. We didn’t go.


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