Rain, Rain, Go Away…

Typically the post-Sunday post is a reflection or story from my day at church. Today is not so typical… since I was sitting in the Santo Domingo airport waiting to board a plane when I began typing this post.

Even though Worship Pastor probably has a story or two from yesterday worthy of the post-Sunday post, today is about my trip to the Dominican Republic. Thanks to the wonders of musicology and ethnomusicology, I had the opportunity to attend the regional meeting of the Southeast Carribean Chapter of the Society for Ethnomusicology at the Academia de Ciencias de la República Dominicana in Santo Domingo this weekend.

I will follow up later this week with more about this trip and a few pictures, but for now, in the spirit of the post-Sunday post, here’s a quick story of things not exactly going as planned. The conference organizers were kind enough to provide an extensive (and overwhelming) 46-page Santo Domingo walking tour guide of the Colonial Zone, and the program schedule included a block of time Sunday afternoon to do the tour. So, a group of us decided to see some of the sights (and I particularly wanted to see the Caribbean Sea, even though there’s not really a beach in Santo Domingo. I didn’t exactly get to see it, but that’s another story).

As we set out, it was beginning to rain, but not very heavy rain. However, as we continued on toward the San Jose Fort (and the Sea), the rain became increasingly more intense–so intense, that we stopped at a colmado (little corner store) to wait it out. And we waited, and ate and drank… and waited. Unfortunately, the rain won out, and this was the extent of the sight-seeing for that part of the day:


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