Which way?

Frequently, the post-Sunday post has to do with someone (often me) not knowing what the heck is going on, or being, at the very least, confused about what’s going on. Today’s post is no different.

We have two services in two rooms simultaneously at my church, resulting in four total services on a typical Sunday. One of these rooms is a lovely, typical Protestant church meeting room, which we call (as do most baptist churches) the sanctuary. It has rows of wooden, padded pews, a vaulted ceiling, hanging lights, large windows, and a stage with hardwood flooring.


Our other room is a gym.

To say it’s a gym is really disingenuous at this point, because if you haven’t been in the room, and you’re thinking “gym,” I guarantee you, what you’re thinking is inaccurate. And not just because we have disabled and dismantled the basketball goals. We have a fantastic sound system, a stage set with truss, lighting, projectors, and screens.

Worship in the gym that looks remarkably un-gym-like

We also have chairs. Lots of chairs that have to be set out in rows for each Sunday, because during the week gym-like activities happen in the room (though not basketball, of course, unless it’s the kind without goals).

So nearly every Sunday, at the end of the service, we post a slide on the screen that says, “Please help us stack chairs five high.” This semester we began adding a line that says, “and move them to this side,” with an arrow indicating one side or the other. Previously, the chairs would get stacked around the perimeter of the room, and as a result, the edges of the room were never cleaned. This new way allows one side of the room to be cleaned each week.

However, the interns that are responsible for setting out the chairs for the service each week recently requested we go back to the old way because it’s much easier on them. Since I had just asked one of them for a favor, I told them I would not indicate one side or the other on Sunday. And this is what happened:

The stacks of chairs were left wallowing in their original stacked positions, as if undirected, folks were too overwhelmed with the thought of moving them to one side of the room or the other!

So, the next time we want the chairs on both sides, I shall include that information on the slide. But for now, I’m sorry, Intern Guys, but next week we’re going back to one side or the other.


4 thoughts on “Which way?

  1. I like that the photo of the sanctuary makes it look like 7 people attend the sanctuary service, while everyone else is in the life building.

    • HA! That’s really funny. I hadn’t thought about it… perhaps I should note on the caption that the photo in the sanctuary was taken during a run-through/rehearsal before the service had started 🙂

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